Experience Augmented Reality App for Education: Learning Can be Fun!

There has been quite a buzz about Augmented Reality or AR and how it is going to change the way we do things and even business in its entirety. But hold on! It’s time to be realistic, time to experience AR in the ‘real’ sense. The actual derivatives in the true sense lies in creating augmented reality applications that blend seamlessly with the user’s interaction in the real world.

AR apps real world implementation are finding prominence in the recent times with most relevance in the advertising industry and gaming. However, the arena where augmented reality applications can be harnessed to its best potential is – EDUCATION.

Redefine the Learning Space with AR Educational apps

Augmented reality promises to create incredible learning experiences, which was hitherto unthinkable. It deepens the entire EXPERIENCE of learning not just through reading and listening, but also through building and interacting. There are 2 types of AR applications for Education – AR Creation apps (which students and teachers create in the classroom) and AR Embedded apps (such as apps for museums, local exhibits, and zoos, other “out and about” app, etc.).

You can have the most fascinating experience with augmented reality apps for education where students and educators are allowed to create layers of digital information on top of the physical world that can be viewed through an Android or iOS device. So, how do augmented reality applications enhance the classroom learning experience?

Augmented Reality Application & It’s Implementation in Education

AR for Book Reviews

Book reviews gets an entirely new meaning with augmented reality. It works by bestowing the “aura” (allocated digital information) to a book, when students create a record of the brief review of a novel that they just finished reading. Hereafter, anyone having access to the AR application can instantly access the review by just scanning the cover of the book.

AR for Parent Support

Parents are a child’s first teacher and an inspiration throughout life. Augmented Reality apps can help working parent or children studying in another city, listen to their parent’s recorded brief words of encouragement. This can be done by attaching a trigger image to every child’s desk; all they need to do is scan the image on their desk and listen to fond, encouraging words from their parents for inspiration.

AR for Homework guidance

This amazing AR feature helps students do their Homework with the guidance of their teachers. All the student need to do is scan a page of their homework, which will lead them to reveal a video tutorial of their teacher guiding them solve the problem.

AR for Faculty Photo Wall

‘Faculty Photo Wall’ AR app promises to enhance the spirit of education by giving students an inspiring insight into the lives and teachings of their educators. It also proves to be a great tool to showcase the school Faculty photos near the school entrance. Any visitor will to know more can scan the image of the teacher’s image on display with their mobile phones and see that figure come to life – even introducing and speaking more about themselves.

AR for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHH) Sign Language – Flashcards

Augmented Reality applications proves to be a great asset for students with hearing disability, as you can easily learn how to ‘show sign’ for a word or phrase targeted at DHH from flashcards of vocabulary words, containing video overlay.

AR for School Yearbooks

School yearbooks are awaited by students and educators alike; but have you thought about how the implementation of augmented reality applications can enhance the experience? AR for School Yearbooks can create an all new experience where you can see the tributes come alive to streaming video profiles. Also from sports highlights to skits and concert footage, the scope is boundless.

AR for Laboratory Safety

Laboratory procedures, protocols and safety are essential things to be followed and maintained in an educational institution. This can be ensured nowadays by integrating Augmented Reality applications, where triggers (i.e. images that activate media when scanned by an AR-enabled device) are placed all around a science laboratory for students to scan and get informed.

Augmented Reality App for Education – Not Just a Passing Fad

Augmented Reality is emerging as one of the most in-trend technology that promises to enhance experience; be it shopping, advertising, location search, or education. AR for Education holds a lot of promises as the EXPERIENCE itself leads to insightful learning when students create, share, interact and enlighten. So AR is more about creating an exciting world of learning where experience rules!

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