AR Mobile App Development

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development

From online/mobile marketing campaigns, stoppable print catalogs to product designing, MyFirstMobileApp (MFMA) offers a track record of success in developing custom iOS Augmented Reality apps (iPhone/iPad) and Android Augmented Reality (AR) apps that add value to your business.

Whether it is driving business innovation, reducing costs, enhancing user experience, or streamlining processes, MFMA leverages Mobile Augmented Reality solutions to provide limitless possibilities for marketers to engage with consumers.


  • Design & Development: Brainstorm initial design concept and determine overall functioning. Plan out entire project and various iterations to ensure display of virtual assets. Develop custom iOS Augmented Reality apps (iPhone/iPad) and Android.
  • 2D and 3D Content and Animation: Innovative 2D and 3D augmentations for mobile apps to create engaging customer experience.
  • Integration: Proven solutions to integrate an Augmented Reality feature in your own app, as well as enterprise integration for robust performance.
  • Quality Assurance: Implement rigorous quality assurance processes throughout the app development lifecycle.
  • Product Support: Provide meticulous and consistent support for optimum performance of your app.


  • Get MFMA edge
  • Be it breakthrough Augmented Reality gaming technologies or enterprise integration, MFMA combines creativity with intuitive user experiences. With deep rooted expertise in Augmented Reality mobile applications development services, our team of expert developers help us develop groundbreaking, contextually relevant, and engaging applications.
    • App landing page
    • API integrations
    • App updates
    • Content management
    • Games
    • Social sharing
    • In-app analytics
    • Promo codes

Augmented Reality Solutions

Branding Solutions: Engage and Connect

  • Connecting with today’s savvy audience requires the ability to strike emotional quotient in innovative, engaging and appealing ways. MFMA combines creativity with intuitive user experiences to generate custom interactive experiences.

AR Apps: Future of Retail

MFMA specializes in developing mobile shopping apps that allows retailers to personalize customer’s shopping experience. Our futuristic solutions can bridge the gap between the physical and virtual world and improve consumers purchasing decisions and the retailer’s ability to always stay connected.

  • AR promo games
  • In-app AR games
  • Coupons & promo codes
  • Virtual trial
  • Product demos

Process & Roadmap

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development Process

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