Android Game App Development Tips

As all of us know, there is no age bound in playing games and with the development of mobile apps, number of people playing games have increased. Also, non gamers have started downloading popular game apps as they find it interesting. As the number of gamers are soaring, it is predicted that Android game application developers might have a bright future.

Moreover, the brand-new technologies has helped made the development process faster and easier. It is one of the best options for the creative people having determination to make money by building games. All you need to have is a little knowledge of programming languages. Also, you can join a graphic designing or multimedia course to enhance your skills before you begin to create an app.

Once you are ready, you can start making your first app, but you need to keep in mind few points so as to avoid making errors and have a flawless app development. So, let us have a look at few tips while building a game application.

Do not hesitate to get back to re-develop

It is well said, ‘Good ideas block the better ones’. Once you have started building up a game in Android and then if you find it is not much interesting, you can definitely change those already build up elements. If certain features you thought would attract gamers don’t actually do so, you can remove them and add another. Never hesitate to develop or design it again, in fact, it always good to make good, better. It will attract more users to your game.

Give equal time to all projects

It is advisable not to give more than ‘Six months’ to one project. Too much focus one a single project will affect adversely on the rest. Also, do not pressurize yourself to finish one too early or it might result into failure. Give considerable amount of time to every project so as to build one successful game that is liked and played by many.

Content is king

It is always important to remember that after all it is the end user who is going to play the game. So build a game that makes user experience wonderful. Although the graphics and animations in a game are important, but a game should not be just pretty. Along with the nice look, it should be easy to understand and play for users. So, content development should be given equal amount of importance in a game application development. After all better user experience yields increased sales.

Use process bars

It is advisable to make a use of a progress bar if any process is going on inside the application or else users might think that an app is not working. They might just hang up or delete that application. Specially in the beginning, if an app takes time to load, it is necessary to tell users that the application is being loaded either by a simple bar or percentage.

Reusing existing elements is a cost effective way and saves time

While preparing a wooden toy, even the addition of small tasks like coloring a strip with red color takes an extra amount of time and money increasing the production cost. Well, that is not the case while building video games. Although, it does not take extra resources, it is tiring and irritating for gamers to deal with a lot of new elements. So, it is advisable to use a few, and that too reusing the old ones. Before you start a project, it is advisable to keep a habit of browsing through your previous projects. If the features, functionality or any element of your new project matches any of your previous project, you can reuse it. Of course, being unique is necessary but what is the use if the production cost of your game app empties your pocket? Use your elements effectively so that the wastage is minimum and reuse the elements in your next game app.

I hope that aforementioned points act as guidelines and help you to improve your Android game app developing experience. Try your best to make a game that interests everyone irrespective of their age. Happy game developing! Good luck.