App Promotion: 4 Key Techniques To Go For After Android Application Development

In this competitive world of mobile applications, where thousands of Android applications are developed each day, it has become real difficult for you to get your app noticed in the Google Play store. Well, promoting your app effectively may contribute a lot to get your app stand out from the crowd. Let us discuss some of the important promotion techniques.

1. Social Media Marketing

As you know in the last couple of years, the number of people being active on social networking websites are increasing to a large extent. So, marketing on such websites is a pretty good idea if you want your app to get popular and reach to people all over the world in no time. Start talking about your application on the social media, two weeks prior to the grand launch of your app.

There are various ways of that you can do the social media marketing. You can do following things on the social networking websites like Twitter, Blogger, Facebook and Pinterest, to name a few.

  • Writing and sharing a blog post about your app, the purpose of the application along with it’s launch date and few screen shots will be the great idea to bring the excitement and curiosity among users.
  • You can issue a press release and then share it on few social networking websites.
  • Making a promotional video about your application is the best option. Reading a blog can be a bit boring at time, but most people watch videos.

2. Mobile Website Development

Make your own mobile website for your application and share the URL where you want to. Users can visit your website if they are looking for more information about your application. Also, the blogs that you write and the videos that you make for the promotion of your app can be posted on your mobile website.

3. Feedback

You can ask users for the feedback by asking them to rate your app as well as ask for reviews. Taking feedback is the best option and you can take the advantage irrespective of the reviews you get. You can use the negative reviews to track the performance and improve your application. It is advisable to update that the bugs will be fixed soon. Most users download the app by reading the reviews of other users. They believe reviews more than the app description that you write on your website or application. The positive reviews will attract the users to your app.  Get users to rate your application, users believe other users more than they believe you.

4. Advertising

Advertising has become one of the most efficient ways of promotion. This technique will include everyone. The best option is the celebrity endorsement. You can advertise it in television as well as huge banners on the streets. You can also stick the posters and stick it on the walls around the city. In addition to that, you can also advertise it by sending the eMails.

Wrapping up

The above mentioned points are some of the most important techniques to promote your Android application. I hope this will help you when you build an android application. Good luck!