Fantastic Four Tablet Features of Android 4.4 KitKat

With the increase in number of people using smartphones and tablets, most mobile devices companies have become active to come up with the best devices possible. Android has got maximum number of vendors in market. Android has always come up with something new and interesting in every new version. It has continued doing so in it’s latest version Android 4.4 Kitkat. This version has a series of brand new excellent tablet features. These features were intended to improve user experience. The four best of those features are coming your way down, so let us check out the fantastic four.

1. Locate your device with Android Device Manager

One of the best tablet feature baked into Android 4.4 Kitkat is the new amazing Android Device Manager which through which we can track the location of the stolen and lost devices. This location functionality works without any kind of additional set up. In short, it works similar to the Apple’s ‘Find My iPad’ but this easy to use device also has the features like remote alarm and remote lock.

Apart from this, Google has worked on Android 4.4 Kitkat very hard for the security concerns and lets users route the traffic through VPN connection on a multi user device.

2. Say ‘OK Google’ to get your work done with Google Now

Since Google Now has arrived first in June 2012 with Android 4.1, it has constantly improved in it’s successive updates. Today, it assists us by following all the commands as we say ‘OK Google’. You can do a voice search by asking any question like “Who invented the internet?” or “Search for chicken recipe”.

You can also ask it to remind you for something and note down something. In addition to it, you can ask time and weather and ask to call, send SMS or eMail. The functionality also lets you ask Google Now to play music or video.

3. Work faster with improved Multitasking

Slow working phones top the list of the things that annoy the most to the users. So, Android constantly strives to make user experience better than ever. Android already had amazing touch screen but with KitKat, it has even more improved so that it runs faster and accurately. Moreover, because of the memory optimization you can run multiple applications at a time smoothly.

4. Work without distractions with new Immersive Mode

Earlier, in the previous versions of Android, the navigation buttons and the status bar remained on the screen while you were using phones. This was quite distracting especially while watching a movie, playing a game or reading a book. So, Android has come up with the solution in it’s latest version Android 4.4 Kitkat. It removes all the distractions to give you a full screen view to give you better experience. You can get the navigation button as well as status bar back when you need it just by the swiping the edge.

As always, Google made Android users happy by bringing something new in it’s latest version. These four Kitkat features has really improved the experience of the tablet users.